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Here at JMS Tradewell Int'l (Pvt) Limited, we are committed to produce promising quality products at most economical prices and deliver them on time. In our stitching unit, we have been manufacturing one of the most protective motorbike gears for Europe, North America and East Asia leading brands for over twenty five years. In 2005, we started manufacturing fashion & casual garments both in textile and leather for the same markets, along with hi-viz, safety/mechanics gloves and work wear clothing. Then in 2009, we started the manufacturing of CE Standard (level 2) motorcycle denim garments and leather custom suits.

We provide services from designing and pattern making to delivering the finished products, all according to our customer's requirements. With our skilled design and patterns making departments, we can produce one of the best fits in both fashion and motorcycle garments and gloves, and we also provide made-to-measure services.

For our fashion & casual garments, hi-viz, work wear clothing and safety/mechanics gloves, we have our specialised teams to maintain the required quality and safety measures without any compromises. To ensure the highest standards, we have our own material stock storage halls where the regularly used materials are stocked and inspected by our quality control team from time to time to ensure the same quality for each product batch produced. For the items that are rarely used, JIT theory is considered.

In the same way, when the leather for the garments is delivered from the Tannery Division to the Stitching Unit, it is thoroughly checked for the quality and only the approved skins are issued for the production process. The cutting department cuts the panels keeping in view the customer and the quality requirements. After cutting completes leather panels are again checked for any discrepancies and any substandard panels are replaced.

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Our world class stitching line is experienced and dedicated to provide required quality and timely deliveries, and is considered one of the best in the local industry. Material quality checking starts from the purchase and is continuously monitored by our experienced and dedicated quality control team till the end product is dispatched to its customer.

In the stitching unit the floors are dedicated to each product line, manufactured and supervised by its own specialised teams to provide complete customer satisfaction. Our stitching line is capable of producing double, triple and quadruple stitched seams ensuring the perfect fitting of the garment. As far as the gloves, hi-viz and work wear clothing are concerned no design is a hard design for them.

Apart from all the quality concerns we are always trying to reduce the cost and minimize the time consumption in different processes. Considering these factors we have developed our own in-house screen printing, leather and textile embossing, silicon printing, leather and textile embroidery and laser cutting, printing and etching units. This helps us in getting the desired quality at a reduced cost and we share this benefit with our customers.

In this facility we can produce up to 230 Leather Motorcycle Suits, 210 Textile Motorcycle Suits, 375 Leather Motorcycle Jackets, 415 Textile Motorcycle Jackets, 575 Leather Fashion Jackets, 430 Hi-Viz Jackets & Thermals, 1485 Safety/Mechanics Gloves, 850 Cycling Gloves, 675 Short Gloves, 570 Fashion Gloves or 325 Motorcycle Gloves daily using textile, denim and leather like, cow, buffalo, sheep, lamb, goat, kangaroo and stingray fish skins. We also use Rubber, TPR, TPU, Steel and Titanium moulds for our protective gear and guarantee our work. We hope to serve more customers with our services.


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