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Always looking forward to carry a long-term and satisfactory relation...

At JMS Tradewell International (Pvt) Limited, we take every business opportunity seriously and treat it very professionally. Our aim is to provide the best quality and gain the maximum customer satisfaction, to build a lasting relation.

We put the direct orders on priority and try to deliver the products at the earliest time possible. Before starting the production we do confirm all the details once again and if needed, we also provide suggestions for improvement. It is to make sure that everything is set to a level of perfection.

Before placing the order, please make sure that you have finalized the following:

  • All required accessories and upgrades.
  • Complete measurements file.
  • Garments design file with colors preference or if it is required from JMS Tradewell Int'l unique designs catalogue then please mention it in the message.
  • Any special requests.

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To place the direct order use the adjacent form, otherwise for further inquiries visit the contact us page…

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If you have your own design then, please check the box and upload the design file or picture on the link below. Otherwise, you can choose a design from JMS Tradewell Int'l unique designs catalogue. (Please check one box below)

NOTE: JMS Tradewell Int'l (Pvt) Limited will not copy any designs register with any other brands or manufacturers.

Special requests/message

Please submit any special requests regarding materials, design, labeling, molds, back hump, seams, protectors etc. below:

After the submission, a JMS Tradewell Int'l representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

Get in touch. We can't wait to work with you.