Charity & Community

Investing in our community and young people

At JMS Tradewell International (Pvt) Limited, we believe it's our duty to reinvest in our community and, in particular, the next generation of young people. With that in mind we're keen to play our part in the local and regional community, contributing positively and actively wherever we can.

We're proud of the positive impact we have as a significant employer and also in the way we help our local suppliers flourish and develop.

JMS Tradewell Int'l also actively supports many community initiatives and causes as a company - and many of our employees are involved, either in an individual capacity or with help from work colleagues, in charity fundraising projects.

We formally support the Bright Hope Sialkot (NGO working mainly for disaster relief), Al-Sheikh Jinnah Memorial (Welfare) Hospital (NPO), Al-Shifa General Hospital (NPO) etc.

We also provides free of charge training to fresh graduates looking to apply for higher education and also gives financial assistance to support people under 25 through education.

Individual JMS Tradewell Int'l Directors and employees have also offered help to, and organised fundraising for IDP from Northern Pakistan, Medication for Dengue Fever out break in Pakistan, Children's Polio Vaccination Scheme and Hepatitis Diagnosis System.

If you want to help us help others please.

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