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We of are an innovative company providing manufacturing services to clients around the world.

Based in the city of Sialkot - Pakistan, JMS Tradewell Int'l (Pvt) Limited was inducted in 1988 with a mission to serve its customers to complete satisfaction. By supplying products both in textile and leathers to the most prominent brands in the industry. JMS Tradewell Int'l has become a quality conscious supplier to the markets around the world.

We have been in the industry for over two decades now, continuously serving well reputed major brands in the market. We are producing fashion, casual, and motorcycle garments and gloves using cow, sheep, goat, lamb, buffalo and kangaroo leathers and we have also produced products using stingray fish as required by our customers. We are also manufacturing denim, textile and synthetic leather garments and gloves along with work wear clothing, hi-viz and safety/mechanics gloves.

Working with us, you'll soon start to view JMS Tradewell as a valuable extension of your own team

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Having our own tannery and stitching unit under one roof gives us better control over our product's raw materials. We are much more efficient and quality conscious than any other supplier in the market and that is one of many reasons how we have been able to retain our customers for years. With an in-house team of specialists who are always keeping an eye on the latest development technology, design and maanufacturing techniques, we'll constantly deliver new solutions that fit precisely with your ever-changing requirements and keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

The philosophy of openness and true teamwork is reflected in our relationships with all our clients where exceptional customer service and transparent service level agreements are guaranteed.

We're proud to have built strong and lasting partnerships with many companies and are willing to bring you on board.

If you want to find out more about us, give us a call on 0092-52-3571663 for a chat about our company, products and services.

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